Piazza Walthar and duomo
Cured meat stall in Piazza Erbe
Medieval castle near the passeggiata
Bolzano coat of arms

Guide to Bolzano

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In the meantime below is a link to the official tourist website

Getting to Bolzano


The closest airports are Verona and Innsbruck. Failing those then visitors may like to try Milan, Venice or Bergamo or even Rome or Munich. Bolzano does have a small airport, but it does not currently serve international flights.


Important Beware that in Italy you must validate your train ticket. This means that if the ticket does not specify the date and time of the departure of your train then you must stamp the ticket using a small machine found on most platforms and throughout most stations before boarding the train. Unfortunately being a tourist will not help you to avoid the fine if you don't.

Train information
1 hr 45 mins Many regular trains throughout the day
3hrs by direct or indirect train Many regular trains per day
Around 3 hrs 30 mins Change required in Verona. Many regular trains in a day
Around 4 hours Multiple changes required (Brescia and Verona). Many regular trains in a day
4 hrs 45 mins by direct fast train (Frecciargento) 3 direct trains per day
4 hrs by direct international (EC) train Every 2 hours
2 hrs by direct international (EC) train Every 2 hours

For further detailed information, timetables and online ticket booking then visit the official trenitalia site. Its easy to use.